The History of Cutting Oils and How They Have Improved the Lifespan of Cutting Tools

There have been numerous changes in the industrial world. Majority of these have been witnessed in the metal industry. Majority of these efforts are aimed at the ways metals works. This has been one of the most crucial developments in the industry. There have been metals that have been designed to cut metals for you. They are very efficient regarding delivery and performance. The use of cooling fluids is the best way to maintain cutting machines as well as making the work easier. It also makes the job easier.

The new technology despite efficiency comes with their challenges. Some of them being on the best ways to cool these metals, improve the surface finish, lubricating the cutting tools as well as extending the machine’s lifespan. The only solution that beat them was the use of cutting fluids. The fluids include cutting oils which have been the best invention so far.

Cutting fluids are lubricants that were explicitly being used for machine work and also metal works. They are a combination of a lubricant and a coolant that is aimed at making the work easier. They usually fall into several categories; pastes, oils, oil-water, gels, mist and emulsions.

The cutting process of the metals usually produces a considerable amount of heat. This is because of the high friction caused by the two metals because one has to be stronger than the other. The primary purpose of the fluid is to maintain the temperature when the process is ongoing. These cutting fluids are also crucial because they also help with extending the life of the cutting tool. They also protect the people using the tools as well as preventing the machines from rusting. In short, the whole apparatus cannot survive without a cutting fluid which plays very crucial roles.

The cutting fluids discovery has never come of age, and people have been advancing each day. They started by using water which could cool down the heat caused by friction. This method was so risky for the cutting machine because it reduced its lifespan. Rusting was the primary cause. The next discovery was soda water because it solved the problem of rusting. The main problem was that it didn’t help un the lubrication and thus the need for a better oil. They later advanced to greasing whereby they started coming up with the vest greasing options. It has been rated the best method so far.

In our today’s world, cutting fluids have been able to fall into several categories, and they include: Straight oils. The oils are used by machines that can run at a slower speed. They need less cooling and more lubrication. Soluble Oils. They have additives that make them mix with water. They provide both cooling and lubrication. Semi-Synthetic oils. They contain less petroleum but very similar to soluble oils. They make them more effective in operations. Synthetic oils. They contain no petroleum and has been rated as the best regarding performance, rust prevention and cooling.



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