Necessary Steps to Finding Reliable Car Transport Service

If you are moving to another state than the idea of auto transport has probably creeped into your head. If you are transporting your belongings by truck and have more than one car, you may not be able to move everything without help. Enter car shippers who show up to transport your autos for you. This is a great service but can also be risky if not approached in the right way. This is why when considering an auto shipper, you should adhere to a few necessary steps.

Fully Vet Them

Research, research, research is the most important aspect of choosing an auto shipper. Either by word of mouth or a simple internet search you can learn everything you need to know about a company. Dissatisfied consumers will leave dissatisfied reviews. They will refrain from adding stars, voice their complaints, and rant about how bad it was. Good service gets either rave reviews, all stars, and eager recommendations. So, ask around. If anyone close to you has used one that is great place to start. Also, when searching the companies be on the lookout for necessary credentials. Companies should adhere to the FMCSA and have identifier numbers, proper licenses, and above all insurance. This is easily found on legit company’s websites. Like Direct Express Auto Transport for instance who list it in their FAQ section. Unreliable service will make it very hard to find their credentials. This may be because the business in question does not have them.


A very important part of choosing an auto shipper is insurance. You are trusting this service with your automobile, so you want to make sure that if the worse happens you are covered. Also, car shippers are required to have necessary insurance coverage, if they do not they are in fact in violation. So, make sure you check out the company’s insurance to make sure that you are not liable for any accidents that occur while your car is in their care. The coverage should also cover employees as well. This provides freedom from liability should they get injured on the job. You do not want that concern on you mind while your car is being transported.


An important financial aspect of shipper shopping is getting quotes. Choose about three different companies that are reliable, and then get quotes from each of them. This gives you a point of reference, and also further vets the service. If they charge too much find out why. If they charge significantly less find out why. Do not choose a service based on money alone. A cheaper price does not necessarily mean better service, in fact it could mean quite the opposite. Sometimes a higher price indicates an extra mile of service that the company provides. Generally, quotes should be roughly in the same ballpark, so take note of any large margin differences. Also, be on the lookout for specials. Companies will often have specials and discounts to entice consumers.



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