Why the Textile and Packaging Label Industries Submit Their Products to Abrasion Testing

Normally, industries along with the federal government have rules and regulations that they submit every company in a certain area of business to. These rules and regulations help these industries keep customers and consumers happy and, usually, when they comply and meet all the required quality control procedures it means that the product they are bringing into the market is of good enough quality to sell. While these industries are obligated by law to comply with the rules and regulations of the government to be able to sell a product and make money, most companies are willing to make a product that meets all the federal standards. For this reason, the textile industry regularly submits all its products to abrasion testing. Another industry that submits its product to rub testing is the packaging label industry.

This kind of quality control assures customers that a product is up to par with the standards. For example, in the packaging label industry, labels are tested to see how much wear and tear they can withstand and what would possibly cause these kinds of abrasions to the paper. By doing this, companies are submitting their products to harsher treatments than the ones their products would normally receive through everyday use. This is one way that companies can make sure that their products will withstand harsh conditions that may cause extensive damage to their product. Packaging labels should be able to withstand rain and water damage as well as other abrasions caused by the rough handling of the object it’s placed on. Sometimes packages are left outside a home and there can be damage caused by exposure to outside weather conditions, so it is of utmost importance that it can withstand all the testing.

In the textile industry, a rub tester is used to determine the color wearing properties of the fabric as well as how much damage the fabric can withstand before it starts to deteriorate. It can also determine how much stain resistance power a piece of fabric has. This is done by placing a white piece of fabric underneath the fabric that is being tested and then rubbing it various materials to see how much of the color fades into the white piece of fabric. Afterward, the tester uses a grey scale swatch to determine how much damage the fabric was able to withstand. This helps determine how much of the color will wear off after a certain number of wash cycles.

All in all, it is important for industries to comply with federal rules and regulations when it comes to quality control. This helps keep customers happy and assure them that they are purchasing a good quality product. Sometimes industries have their own standards for their products which are higher than the ones the government imposes. When this happens, industries are trying to tell customers that the quality of their product is up to their own higher standards to entice people to purchase their product instead of the competition.




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