The Five Most Common Loading Dock Equipment and their Importance in the Industrial Sector

Loading docks in modern warehouses, among other industrial buildings, are equipped with sophisticated infrastructure which enhances easy and convenient loading/offloading of bulky goods. Besides, the huge trucks and heavy machines that make work easier in the dock subject humans to accidents and injuries thus necessitating safety dock equipment las vegas nv. The five common forms of dock equipment include:

Impact-Absorbing Interior and Exterior Dock Bumper.

Essentially, dock bumpers are installed in exterior loading docks to absorb the heavy impacts that trucks and forklifts may cause and consequently protect the dock from damage. In enclosed warehouses, bumpers serve as driving guide to truck drivers, particularly when reversing and parking. Dock bumpers vary in terms of sizes and shapes, but they are all generally thick and wide enough to cover a maximum floor space. The common types of dock bumpers include laminated bumpers whose major advantage is their weather-resistance abilities, extra length bumpers which are ideal for long trailers, and molded bumpers which protect walls from forklift scratches.

Loading Dock Stop and Go Lights.

These are the lights that provide truck drivers and other dock workers with the necessary lighting during the loading and unloading processes. What sets these lights apart from the rest is their added durability, lifetime energy saving abilities, and reliability within the harsh warehouse conditions. They can also withstand warehouse heat and dampness. The stop and go loading dock lights, in particular, acts as the nonverbal communication gadgets for drivers by showing a red light when the door isn’t safe for a truck to pass and a green light to give drivers the go ahead. They are the cheaper alternative to the distance-measuring devices that were recently introduced to the industry. They are mostly installed on either side of the dock entrance when the need arises, they can be installed inside the dock to serve as dock guide light.

Dock Seals or Dock Shelters.

These equipment guard both the trucks and the warehouse’ walls from harsh environmental conditions as well as unwanted pests and insects. Most seals are made of nylon or polyester fabric which are interwoven to form thick strands and then sandwiched between strong double layers of vinyl or rubber. They are fixed against the dock walls such that a parking truck presses against them, instead of getting in contact with the wall.

Dock Boards and the Dock Levelers.

This equipment facilitates smooth loading and offloading of freight from a trailer by bridging the height difference between the top of the trailer and the dock floor. They are mostly made of metals such as aluminum and steel, making them sturdy enough to carry heavy loads and at the same time durable and reliable. Some docks have hydraulic or air-powered levelers serving as the dock boards. The levelers are height-adjustable and can be permanently fixed to eliminate the need of lifting bulky dock boards every time and again.

Strip Doors

Instead of building a walk through the door which can sometimes be noisy and a potential safety hazard, a warehouse owner or manager can decide to install the fashionable strip doors instead. These doors are cheaper than other doors, easier to install, and are highly economical with regards to power consumption.



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