Most Cost-Efficient Showroom Flooring Solutions

Are you in a car dealership business and you need a showroom flooring system that will help you achieve your professional goals? If your answer is yes, we have just the thing you’re looking for. We know how important showroom floors are for achieving great sales results in truck, car, and other vehicle dealerships. If you want an amazing showroom, the floor is your foundation.

Your prospective customers expect to see new cars and other vehicles displayed on a pristinely beautiful, flashy, stylish, and elegant floor.

When you’re selling cars, it’s all about class. You need to be able to exceed the expectations of your customers. So, naturally, with all this in mind, it’s safe to conclude that you need a unique showroom floor that will inspire passion among both average consumers and car enthusiasts.

An Ongoing Flooring Problem

If you really want to start a real buying fever, go with the right selection of epoxy showroom flooring finishes for the best effect. This is where you’ll encounter a problem. Most showroom flooring options at your disposal on the current market aren’t quite ideal. Most of these floors are extremely hard to keep bright, and most importantly, clean.

Most modern showroom flooring solutions come with grout lines that collect dirt, or they require frequent buffing, waxing or other sorts of bothersome care, or they just absorb stains from new tires. All three will make maintaining such showroom floors a costly and time-consuming headache and another thing to worry about.

On top of all that, most of these conventional showroom flooring solutions provide almost no-slip resistance which is nothing more than a genuine hazard waiting to happen.

So where to find an ideal showroom floor that will be a timely and cost-effective solution to your flooring problems?

Epoxy Floor Finishes

Well, here is your answer: epoxy showroom floor finishes for showroom areas of all types. These floors were made for car dealership purposes and these flooring solutions are high performance coating systems that are durable and tough. You can choose from uniquely innovative flooring solutions such as:

  • Hybrid flooring – the latest polymer resin technologies
  • Unlimited and standard blends and colors – Combined floor patterns and designs
  • Exceptionally chemical resistant topcoats – showroom floors unsightly resistant to the solvents, oil and tire stains
  • Impermeable surfaces
  • Well-balanced slip-resistance with clean-ability

Check out these showroom flooring solutions and find a showroom floor according to your specifications, requirements and needs.



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