Industrial Air Compressor Uses Around Your Facility

Air compressors are used every day in the manufacture of products, filling of tires, and other applications including pressure washing. This article explains how best to deal with such a powerful device, and there is a look at what may be done to utilize these items properly. You must use an air compressor safely, in the proper setting, and with the proper equipment.

How Large Is Your Compressor?

Industrial air compressors are sold in a variety of sizes. You may choose a massive compressor that powers the largest machines, or you may purchase something small enough to use in an auto shop. There are quite a few applications for an air compressor, and you must ensure that you have chosen the proper device.

Large compressors are used in factories where the machines are as large as a house. You may purchase small air compressors that sit in your auto shop to fill tires, or you may keep one at home for the same purchase. An air compressor may be used at a pool to help power the pump, or you may use one of these items to start your pressure washing business.

Filling Anything

Filling tires is a much simpler process when using a proper air compressor. You must use the compressor that suits the size tire you are using, and you may purchase a device like this for golf cart tires, truck tires, or forklift tires. Everyone one of these devices must have inflated tires, and you may inflate them yourself.

You may keep the compressor in your shop for filling or refilling tires, and it may be installed in the wall so that you only pull out the hose. The same is true in your home when you wish to pump your own tires after repairing your car. The air compressor itself is easy to use, and it may be attached to a pressure washing nozzle to clean the driveway.

Power Washing

Power washers operate with running water and the air compressor. You are forcing the water out with high-pressure air, and that water cleans anything in its path. You may clean your driveway, sidewalk, patio, walkways, or siding with a device such as this. Industrial pressure washers use the same technology, but they have much more power. This is a safer way to clean up around your community, and the only byproduct is water.


Modern pressure washers make less noise than their older counterparts, but the compressor still hums like the compressor on your refrigerator. The noise is loud enough that you may wish to wear earplugs, and you may not want to leave the compressor running for long periods of time. You may purchase a special rig with an enclosed case or soundproof padding that prevents the compressor for becoming too distracting.

Any air compressor application requires your careful attention. The compressors are very strong. And they must be used according to the manufacturer’s published safety guidelines.




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