How to Save Money on Your Industrial Chilling Systems

Expensive as they are, industrial chilling systems are the backbone of food and beverage processing plants. You simply cannot avoid investing in one, nor can you replace it with a cheaper alternative. But what you can do is keep your systems clean and efficient. That way, you can save money on electricity.

Here’s how.

Get to Know Your System’s Optimum Configuration

Every type of chilling system eliminates heat in its own unique way. In order to save money on both power and maintenance, you need to know the design characteristics of yours. The trick is in running the greatest tonnage at the lowest kilowatt usage, which you can’t do without getting to know your system first. To unlock maximum efficiency, you must get to know the chiller’s optimum configuration.

Maintain Your Industrial Chiller Parts Clean and Tidy

If you need to be frugal, knowing how a certain system functions is unfortunately not enough. You must be able to maintain it on your own too. Otherwise, the money you save on power usage will have to go for professional maintenance. Start with evaporator coils, as they are crucial to your chilling system’s performance. When dirty, they can decrease efficiency for up to 30%, which calls for 40% more power.

Cleaning dirty coils is actually not so hard – the only two things you need are a power sprayer and a soap. With enough pressure, the first will remove debris and dust, while the second will help you clean every coin individually. Avoid soaps made from harsh chemicals, as they can damage the galvanized surfaces of coils. Use warm water to flush the dirt and soap and run “fans only” cycle to dry the coils.

For more information, call your cooling system service provider.



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