Fiber Optic Connection is the Best for Business

When it comes to Internet service, fiber optics are among the most innovative developments of our time. Fiber-optics are becoming the Internet connection of choice among businesses, especially where a speedy connection is required. In comparison to other types of Internet service, fiber-optics provides advanced speed, security, and reliability. Although it cost more than the alternatives, the numerous advantages mean it is the top choice for businesses.

With speeds from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, fiber-optic Internet is much faster than any copper Internet services. This means that even during peak Internet hours, the decrease in speed will not be noticeable. Although occasional slow Internet periods might not seem like a big deal, it certainly adds up over the long haul. Slow Internet speeds can cause your company to lose a week’s worth of productivity each year.

Fiber is far more durable than copper. For this reason, fiber Internet is much more reliable than copper Internet connections. Harsh weather conditions can slow or deteriorate data transfer through copper cables. However, fiber-optics are not affected by such conditions. Fiber-optic cables are also resilient to electrical and human interference.

Undependable Internet connections can be quite costly for your business. Even the smallest unplanned interruption in service can delay all business activities. If your business relies on Internet service to access applications or make calls it is vital to have the most reliable service possible.

Fiber-optic service offers superior security over cable Internet services. Information thieves can easily hack into other types of Internet services through cable tapping or other such methods. However, it is impossible to tap into fiber-optic service without actually cutting the fibers, which will simply kill the signal.

Delays that are experienced when data is being processed over an Internet connection is called latency. Fiber optic Internet service prevents the majority of latency problems experienced with cable Internet, especially when uploading or downloading high-def content or videos. There are several business advantages to decreased latency. For instance, the capability to transfer more apps to the cloud and increased voice quality over VoIP.

If your business relies heavily on data transmission you will easily reach your bandwidth limit with cable Internet. Fiber-optic Internet offers a lot more bandwidth and you will not experience slower speeds with heavy use. Low bandwidth can cause delays, pixelated videos and slow speeds, which is why a high bandwidth amount is desirable.

Unlike other types of Internet connections, fiber Internet does not use electricity. Instead, it uses a strand of optic fiber combined with modulated light. That is why electrical disturbances cannot interrupt fiber optic service. That means your Internet is continuously functioning so your business can operate smoothly.

It is clear that fiber-optic Internet is superior to other types of Internet service. With all of its advantages, it is easy to see how it could be the best choice for your business. Especially with the increasing demand for businesses to acquire faster and more secure Internet. In any case, there is no doubt that fiber Internet will increase productivity, and likely, profits.



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