A Cable Designed for the Elements

If you were looking for a cable that was manufactured for the purpose of doing what some might term the impossible, look no further. Military cable was designed not just for durability but to withstand some of the harshest weather we come across. To make sure they are up to the task, they are manufactured and tested to ensure the level of reliability needed. In addition to being able to measuring up in this area, the cable has been designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase load capacity. These two benefits equal financial gain from two vantage points. The first area of financial gain associated with fuel means we are spending less in gas which is a cost savings. The second area centered around load capacity means from an industrial and manufacturing standpoint your crews are able to haul more which makes for a more efficient workforce. A trip that with normal cables may take 3 hauls could now with these cables take significantly less. Another monetary manufacturing and industrial benefit is in the area of maintenance time and cost. These service issues along with the others work to increase the profit margin. These cables can be found in tanks, satellites, and mobile radar systems, just to name a few.

When considering this topic, you will also find that there are companies that manufacture cables and harnesses across military, aerospace and defense markets. In their manufacturing realm, they offer fiber optic and hybrid fiber optic assembly. The material used in creating these cables obviously contributes to its sustainability. Some of the materials include polyurethane, neoprene, silicon and Viton. The types of extreme environmental conditions that can be confronted successfully are extreme heat and cold, salt spray, water immersion and chemical and abrasion resistance. This can be considered the all-weather tire of the industrial world. This means there really is no outside condition that a vehicle or piece of equipment designed with this cable cannot perform in. Whether it is being engineered for the military, commercial or private use, it is certain that this cable creates a great level of confidence.

Reliability, sustainability, durability are all words that should resonate when thinking of acquiring equipment that will last. Without a doubt, this cable is not just manufactured but put together in such a way that the armed forces utilize it. Whether in the heat of the Sahara Desert or the cold of Alaska, it will hold up. Whether it has to be dragged through the tropical downpours of the Caribbean or handle the rugged terrain of some third world country, it can take it. Just as there are cars and tires that come to mind when we think of something being built tough, when we think of cables and their varied uses, may we remember that this one clearly stands out as an industry leader. In cost savings and profitability, it is like no other.



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