How to find serviced apartments in Hong Kong

Hundreds of buildings deflate the cloud and scratch the sky. Thousands of advertisements shine on most floors and millions of people are swarming on the streets. Yes! We’re talking about Hong Kong.

This town continues to attract new residents from all over the country or visitors from abroad, whether it is tourists or people who come for new job opportunities. Even if it is a move from another city or the decision to leave the old apartment, there is a need to rent. Finding the right place at the right price starts with a good knowledge of the real estate market, residences, and apartments offered for rent. So, let’s learn how to find serviced apartments in Hong Kong.

Although a real estate ad sites offer you a wide range of flats to choose from, it is important to take a series of steps to make sure you find the ones that meet your requirements.

Here’s what you need to know about finding serviced apartments in HK

When you want to find a best serviced apartment in Hong Kong as soon as possible, you are probably willing to accept residences that do not meet all of your criteria. However, it is important to make sure that the future place you are going to stay has all the amenities to ensure your comfort and that all the information provided by the real estate agency is true. Therefore, before accessing an online platform and looking for a suitable apartment for you, pay attention to these aspects.

The apartment with a maximum level of facilities

Even if you need to rent quickly an apartment, make sure that it has a maximum level of facilities, such as a functional bathroom, central heating or access to the central heating system, comfortable furniture, and the Internet. Why the maximum level? Simple! You’ll live here your best days and you deserve it.

Get all the details about the apartment

If you have found a residence that meets your requirements and you have decided to contact the owner or real estate agent, it is important to take advantage of this discussion to find out more about the furniture or the average maintenance costs. A furnished apartment in Hong Kong is not hard to find, but pay attention to the conditions. If the house is located on the top floor, make sure that the block is secure and that it is properly insulated. It is also important to ask how the rental process will continue and on what date the apartment becomes available.

Make sure that all information received is true

If after the discussion with the owner or the real estate agent you received all the details you needed, and the flat you chose seems to meet all the conditions, it is necessary to make sure that the information received corresponds to reality.

Since during this period it is quite difficult to travel to see your future home, it is necessary to use all possible resources to ensure that the flat you want to rent corresponds to your needs and desires. More detailed photos or even a video sent by the owner or rental company will help you better evaluate the conditions of your future apartment.

Not sure yet?

Finding a studio for rent during pandemic time is easier, as long as you use a specialized platform, which allows you to view those ads that meet your search criteria and that provide you with all the resources to find a home you like.

Many serviced apartments in Hong Kong publish special offers on their websites. You can browse our listings and click each website to check for deals, or you can fill in AsiaXPAT quick quote form to contact the serviced apartment leasing teams who will get back to you promptly with any offers within your budget. Your inquiry goes directly to the Hong Kong serviced apartments long term – no fees or commissions are applied.

If you have any questions about living or working in Hong Kong, feel free to visit the Ask an Expat forum of the company, and receive valuable advice about finding serviced apartments in this area.



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