Tips to Find the Right Coronavirus Mask for This Summer Season

Covid-19 outbreak has affected so many countries in this world very badly. The number of cases is increasing day by day, especially from the past few months. The main reason behind this is not wearing a mask while going out. A lot of people are refraining from wearing a mask these days because of summer heat. I totally understand that wearing a mask in this blistering heat can be uncomfortable, but it is extremely important to wear them every day to protect you from Coronavirus.

There are so many options available out there, when it comes to the Covid-19 masks. All you have to do is pick the right one, which can help you to stay comfortable even in hot summer. Choose the breathable masks always if you are looking for some comfortable options.

Material plays a key role while choosing the mask because there are certain fabric, which can trap the heat from surroundings and make you uncomfortable. For example, polyester masks can trap the heat from your surroundings, whereas the cotton masks don’t do this.

Coronavirus Mask Types

The below are some different types of masks which can keep you protected from this dangerous Coronavirus.

  • N95 Masks: These masks always stand on top, when it comes to Covid-19 masks, because of the extra protection they offer. These masks fit your face perfectly, unlike the regular masks. Moreover, they come with extra layers, which filter the air very effectively. Most of the N95 masks are generally disposable masks. However, you can use them up to 3 to 4 times by washing them. These masks are a bit more costly than the other types of masks as they come with extra protection. N95 masks are very comfortable to wear.
  • Cloth Masks: These cloth masks come in different fabrics like cotton, polyester and etc. Even these masks come with different layers. However, they may not be as effective as the N95 masks. You can also make these masks on your own with the help of a sewing machine at your home. Remember, the thicker the material, the more protection it offers. The best part of this type of masks is you can use them regularly by simply washing them.
  • Surgical Masks: Most of the surgical masks are light blue colored, and they are specially meant for surgeries. However, many people are using them now to protect themselves from this deadly virus. These masks are a combination of plastic and paper mostly. Unlike the N95 masks and cloth masks, you cannot wash these masks. In simple words, they are meant only for one-time use.

There are plenty of stores online that offer different types of Covid-19 face masks. However, only some of them offer the best quality masks. If you are looking for high-quality face masks at a very affordable price, then choose the masks from Custom Earth Promos. They offer the FDA approved N95 face masks, which can give you a great protection from the Coronavirus. Their N95 masks are also ideal for summer season!



















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