Short Guide to Starting Your Own Pub

We all love spending our time in pubs with our friends and loved ones, enjoying cold beers and other tasty and refreshing beverages. One of the most common stories you can hear in almost every pub is how someone you know would love to run their own pub. Well, that is a good idea and we’ve come up with this short guide to introduce you to the basic steps to running your own pub.

1.  Choose Between Tenancy, Leasehold, and Freehold

Before you start with the hard work, you must first decide the way you want to run your pub. That means that you have three options:

  • Freehold – you own the pub outright and you’ll probably need a mortgage for this but it’s best to own your pub.
  • Leasehold – you can occupy the pub owned by someone else for a fixed term.
  • Tenancy – you rent the pub for the agreed period of time for which you pay the rent.

2. The Tie

The tie is how you take care of your supplies and you need to take care of your supplies before you start doing anything. If your pub is free of tie, that means that you get to choose your own suppliers. If you go with a tying arrangement, you get your supplies from a specific supplier like a brewer and so on. It would be ideal to own your pub and choose your own suppliers.

3. Get Trained

You’ll need some good training if you’re to run a pub. You need to get the certificates and personal license for things like safety, health, and operation. Also, doing some research on how successful pubs manage their work might be a very good idea. The more you know, the easier it will be.

4. Legal Compliance

You need the right insurance for your pub, that simply goes without saying. Think about these covers:

  • Public liability insurance – ensures protection in case someone gets injured or suffers any damage to their property in your pub.
  • Employers’ liability insurance – running a pub requires employees so you need liability insurance to keep them, as well as yourself, safe and protected.
  • Buildings insurance – get coverage in case of any disaster like a flood or fire.

5. Develop Your Business

Now, after you’ve taken care of all the legal matters, all that’s left is to recruit staff and develop your business. One more thing. Pubs are all about beer, so you’ll need the highest quality liquid filling machines. With that in mind, take these automatic filling machines into consideration.

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