How can you send plants in the post?

There are many occasions when a plant seems the ideal gift or remembrance bequest; however, if you are not attending an event in person, you will need to know how best to send the item to your recipient.

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The first port of call in the UK may be the Post Office, but you need to be aware that there are restrictions on which items can be sent by this method.

Fortunately, there are alternatives in the form of the privatised market of couriers.

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If you have not been given the opportunity to plan ahead, time may be of the essence. Wherever you are in the country, you may need a same day courier Birmingham, London, Manchester or Glasgow, for example. Sending a plant is just one reason why use a same day courier in Birmingham.

Once you have chosen a company to deliver your plant, you will want to ensure that your gift arrives at its destination in the best possible condition. If the recipient is disappointed by the state of your gift, the courier may not offer compensation.

The first issue to address is ensuring that your plant is adequately hydrated before it is sent. By following the procedures advised by your local florist or garden centre, you can cover this problem. You should ideally water a plant between four and six hours before it is sent off for delivery.

If you are sending a potted plant, allow time for it to drain before packaging it; alternatively, you can remove the plant from its pot and wrap it in tissue paper or an alternative once the roots have absorbed the excess water. Ensure that you remove as much soil as possible and wrap the roots loosely with your chosen material. Ask for advice on materials at the point of purchase. Finally, wrap it in cling film or a plastic bag to retain moisture.

When packaging the plant, use a sturdy box and place the plant inside with tissue or newspaper to prevent movement during transit to avoid damage to the contents.

Be prepared to pay a little extra for same day delivery, ensuring that the opportunity for damage is limited. Some companies will quote fees dependant on the weight of the package, so make sure you have this information to hand.



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