What is Unique About Ultion Door Locks

Most Ultion locks reach the market after going through all critical quality checks and meet every industry standard. They boast of TS007 3-star that tends to be the highest star rating accreditation for any lock available in the market.

An Ultion door lock gets even better as a revolutionary locking system that stays locked after you lock it once. It can detect burglary attacks and get jammed from the side of the attack, preventing the intruder from further break-in attempts. These locks carry high-security features, modern technology, and unbeatable convenience that make them reliable for the general public.

Ultion door locks aim to make sure that homeowners are worriless about their family, possessions, and property, whether they are inside or outside of the house or office. These types of locks come with a key and a modern external finish that does not let anyone get alert about the secrecy inside.

The reason why Ultion locks come with a key is the comfort of the tradition that you should not feel is about to go away. Moreover, these locks need to look like ordinary locks from outsides, preventing intruders coming with advanced sort of preparation for break-ins.

Another feature that makes Ultion door locks different is its smart use. With a geo-fenced auto lock and unlock facility, it becomes easy to use your smartphone to do the needful. The best part is that you can benefit from this app using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and many compatible platforms, such as Samsung Smart Things, Z-wave, and Apple Homekit.

If you choose Ultion smart lock for your front door, it will allow you to unlock your house’s door from your car, bedroom, or your lounge. However, the manufacturers did not add a voice-control unlocking system for security reasons. It also means that now nobody can yell through the window to open your door, and it is good news for security-conscious homeowners.



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