Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Stress

Erectile dysfunction is mostly referred to an old age problem where physical strength and muscularity don’t remain same as younger age. So what people think is, in old age people don’t have enough muscular strength and that is why they experience erectile dysfunction. This is absolutely not correct, even if a person is older but still he can manage to have an erection and maintain it for some time but the thing associated with old age is that the arousal and hormone level are low and there is no desire of indulging in sexual activity.

So if you think that erectile dysfunction is a problem of old age then you will be amazed to know that around 18 million American men gets affected by erectile dysfunction every year and most of them are over the age of 20.

Another amazing thing is that people start to consume Viagra or generic Cialis when they first encounter erectile dysfunction. People think it is not a serious problem and maybe there body is not ready to go through sexual encounter at the moment hence they consider Cialis generic or Viagra as the most appropriate option.

Erectile dysfunction can arise due to many factors and most men at some point of their life experience erectile dysfunction. There are physical, psychological and environmental factors which contribute to the rising number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Physical factors mostly constitutes of some underlying medical condition like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, radiation therapy of testicles, brain surgery, atherosclerosis, spinal cord problem, blood pressure, hardening of the arteries that carry blood to penis, stroke, hypogonadism and many more to mention here.

Erection is mostly of three types i.e. reflexive, psychogenic and nocturnal. To your surprise each type of erection is directly related with important body systems like nervous system, blood vessels, hormone secretions, emotions and other processes and any disturbance in any of the system or processes can become the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

This is the primary reason erectile dysfunction is not entirely develops because of physical ailments but there are many other factors that contribute for its growth in a man. Stress is one such psychological factor that is one of the prime reasons why men develop erectile dysfunction.

So let’s evaluate what connection erectile dysfunction and stress has:

Stress is a mental health conditions that affects so many body systems in a men and sexual desire is one of it. When a person is going through stress either because of family trouble, personal relationship or work pressure the stress hormone cortisol does a lot of damage to the person both physically and emotionally. When a person is stressed the need of sexual activity is disrupt because stress interrupt the way how brain send message to penis to supply blood into the penis compartments.

Stress leads to behavioral changes and aids to the ongoing erectile dysfunction cycle. About 90 percent of the teenagers experience erectile dysfunction because of factors like nervousness and anxiety. These factors then convert into stress when the person fails to perform well during sexual encounters. Stress is indirectly the root cause of erectile dysfunction.



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